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doula huna – mind body soul

holistic support for an empowered life

doula huna (doola hoona) provides holistic support for your mind body transformation. Whether you are preparing to consciously birth your baby and require practical knowledge, understanding and emotional support or preparing to rebirth your life with the support of bodywork, doula huna is here to support your process to an empowered life.


Minxxx Magic – Non-Vanilla Events

Specializing in all things non-vanilla. Bringing the magic and where the magic happens. 

Explore your darkest desires and fantasies at our discreet events and private parties which are sure to titillate your senses and arouse your shadow self.

Our website is currently in (re)evolution.  Contact us for further information about our services:

* Discreet, exclusive events

* Non vanilla club parties with preferred partners

* Non vanilla private parties

* Non vanilla date nights, tailor made to suit your needs (in person set up or preselected box delivery)

* Professional massage services

* Professional Domme services

* Personalised erotica stories weaved around your fantasies

* Workshops, retreats and talks

Fiery energy freely flows when any of the Minxxxes are near. The beat of their footsteps dance in their eyes and if you can get close enough you will notice it raging in their eyes as they look straight through you deep down to your very soul existence. 

Their magic sees YOU. Their magic unravels the walls and boxes you’ve put yourself into aided by societal should and oughts and tugs from within your darkest recesses the shadow self-yearning to come and play within the magic realm that the Minxxxes so daringly exist in.

And if you but dare, you can visit this realm too! Come let your magic dance with ours.  Come explore your fantasies and locked away desires.

Do you dare dance with the Minxxx Magic? Do you dare to embrace your shadow self and experience the marvel of all you truly are?

The Minxxxes hold the key and together we can soar into as yet untold wonders of lust and love and joyous delight.

Discreet & Exclusive Private/Club Events, Date Nights, Workshops/Retreats & Various Professional Non-Vanilla Services.  LGBTQI+ inclusive  • Poly friendly • Kink friendly • Sex positive

* Discreet, exclusive events

* Non-vanilla club parties with preferred partners

* Non-vanilla private parties

* Non-vanilla date nights, tailor made 

LGBTQI+ inclusive  • Poly friendly • Kink friendly • Sex positive www.minxxxmagic.com •minxxxmagic@gmail.com • Cell: +2764 983 1331


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