The beautiful and empowering birth of Joslyn Elizabeth

An inspired and empowered labour and birth. An incredible honour to be in the presence of such magnificent power, surrendering acceptance of each moment and ecstatic vulnerability. Just beautiful! This mama made sure she kept her power and control. I L💜VE to doula!

Born Maternal: The Chronicles of Mommyhood

I was sure, after my first pregnancy, that my new baby would come early. I desperately wanted to see 40 weeks, it was my goal to have a completely full term baby.

40 weeks came and went. I was excited, it would be soon! Every little twinge or tightening raised my excitement levels.


As the time went on, the excitement turned to despondency. I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I was running out of time before I would need to consent to a repeat c section. I became very emotional and clingy towards my husband,  and ended up going to work with him a few times so that I could be close to him and feel more secure.

I saw Sue 2 days before 41 weeks. She asked me if I wanted baby out or more time… I immediately said more time! I wanted my chance, and knew that I would…

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