We Are Born Of Spirals

Medicine For Mama

I recently discovered this movement, or did I?! Its always been there, its everywhere, tangible & intangible. An ancient symbol which spreads across the globe to all civilisations that have ever existed.

It can be seen in nature, sea shells, snail shells, plants, flowers, the uncurling of a seed, our Earth spins, Galaxies spiral.

It is said to be the Cosmic Spirit or force, life, death, rebirth, continuous creation. We move in a spiralling motion rather than just in a straight line often coming back to the same point as before, it is the souls journey.

I have a few times since being pregnant felt the urge, need to roll my hips, pushing forward, to the sides & to the back, really pushing my bum out, really feeling the movement, making big flowing circles, it becomes quite hypnotic.
Making this movement releases tension from the back, stomach & buttocks, plus…

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