Birth and Life ~ Love and Loss – one heart

I was privileged enough to have the honour of sharing the birthing space with women guardian to an incredible strength and empowered birth – Humbled by the magnificent birthing mamas strength and courage, daily. I am forever changed. Such raw honour, love, respect. An amazing photographer, so delicate and seamless. A midwife whose strength and calm held it all together. A mother, mothering a new mother. There are no words, in a time outside of time. Time is eternal

Vaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture


This post is about routine vaginal examinations (VE) during physiological birth ie. an uncomplicated birth without any medical intervention. The VE is a useful assessment in some circumstances, but it’s routine use in an attempt to determine labour progress is questionable. As birth knowledge evolves, and research challenges the current cervical-centric approach to labour progress, there is an opportunity to shift practice. I’m hoping this post will inspire readers to reconsider their beliefs and practices regarding cervixes and VEs.

History: the rise of the cervix

How did we get fixated on what one small area of the body is doing during the complex and multidimensional birth process? An article by Dahlen et al. (2013) discusses the history of VEs. It seems that midwives (and others) have been performing this intervention throughout recorded history. However, for most of this time VEs were carried out in response to suspected pathology eg. an obstructed labour or an unusual…

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We Are Born Of Spirals

Medicine For Mama

I recently discovered this movement, or did I?! Its always been there, its everywhere, tangible & intangible. An ancient symbol which spreads across the globe to all civilisations that have ever existed.

It can be seen in nature, sea shells, snail shells, plants, flowers, the uncurling of a seed, our Earth spins, Galaxies spiral.

It is said to be the Cosmic Spirit or force, life, death, rebirth, continuous creation. We move in a spiralling motion rather than just in a straight line often coming back to the same point as before, it is the souls journey.

I have a few times since being pregnant felt the urge, need to roll my hips, pushing forward, to the sides & to the back, really pushing my bum out, really feeling the movement, making big flowing circles, it becomes quite hypnotic.
Making this movement releases tension from the back, stomach & buttocks, plus…

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