Mom’s & Babe’s Yoga 6 week course with Theoni Papoutsis

Theoni Papoutsis of Conscious Birth is once again running her 6 week mom’s & Babes course in Athol, Johannesburg. Babies from 6 weeks old to crawling are welcome.

Create special “us-time” for you and your baby at Conscious Birth’s Mom’s & Babe’s Yoga. Theoni will show you how to deepen your yoga practice in amidst time with your baby. There will be other moms in the same situation as you that you can connect with and share with in terms of all the ups and downs you are experiencing. It is yoga playtime: learn how to get your baby engaged, relaxed and comfortable with this “new” form of play. Theoni creates an atmosphere of total acceptance and fun and the classes will focus on yoga that stretches and strengthens you as a mother to help you find balance in all that you do.

What to bring: Yourself, pillow and blanket and mat if you have, all babies “stuff’

When & Where: Tuesdays 11am to 1230pm

Ishta Yoga Studio, 121 Atholl Rd, Atholl

Cost: R600 for mom and baby for six weeks, paid in advanced.

What can we expect from classes?

  • connect with baby on the outside
  • strength your body and flexibility
  • focus on developing strength of your abdomen, back and pelvic floor
  • witness your baby discovering his/her body
  • reduce any stress and anxiety around mothering, and life daily demands
  • meet other moms and babes, and reconnect to those you were pregnant with


For any information or queries, please do not hesitate to call Theoni on  083 229 3253 or email


Postural Integration Workshop 6

Postural Integration
12 CPD Points per workshop with Bev Wilkinson

Learn how Emotions affect Physical Posture and visa versa. These Body Type workshops will assist you to discover hidden talents and patterns of behaviour that limit you. Integrating body and mind helps one to live better and manage others in a more creative way. Also ideal for parents to better understand stages of development and growth in their kids. Each of the seven weekend workshops is a stand-alone two-day event. You can attend one, or all seven; but once you attend, most delegates want to continue with them.

Workshop 6: Will power
2 & 3 August 2014
This workshop deals with the Industrious/Focused Body Type who are often workaholics and dynamic but face opposition head on and possible burnout. Focusing on the back they need to slow down and learn to relax and open the heart, being ever more spontaneous and authentic rather than just appropriate and concerned with pleasing others.

Workshop 7: Coming to our senses
30 & 31 August 2014

The seventh and final workshop in this life enriching series, applies to all six Body Types in equal measure. It’s focus is on the head and neck. All communication between the head and body has to pass through the neck. This can become a bottle neck. In repeating Life cycles learn how to integrate your body and mind, and keep the connection vibrant and in sync.

Who would benefit
Anyone interested in personal growth and learning how to handle other people more creatively. Particularly those working with people: psychologists, physiotherapists, human resource personnel, public relations personnel, homeopaths, chiropractors, team managers, life coaches, facilitators and consultants.

Only 14 delegates per workshop will be accepted. If you wish to ultimately qualify as a Postural Integration Practitioner, you must attend all 7 workshops and a further intensive two year training with a 3rd year under supervision.

TIME: 8h30 for 9h00 to 17h00

VENUE: Stillpoint Country Haven, 244 Cladon Ave, Chartwell Estates, Johannesburg

PARKING: Secure parking available at the venue

COST: R1800 per two-day workshop

INCLUDES: Arrival refreshments, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and hand book

BOOK WITH: Bev Wilkinson at or 011 673 5217 or sms 072 204 6075

“I have been doing personal development work for over twenty years before I found PI. In the second session, Bev accessed a very painful and traumatic memory stored in my body. I was convinced that I had worked through the incident, yet something profoundly emotional was still lurking in my body. I am convinced that what I do as a psychologist and coach is not enough. In order to really process unfinished business you need to incorporate body work to access more deeply buried trauma that still influence your being in the world.”
Retha Els Psychologist De Nova Consulting 082 852 3231

“Congrats to you Beverley on an excellent workshop. Postural integration is truly a mind-body therapy of the future. It is not enough to merely understand the concepts presented, one must experience bodywork to appreciate its far reaching effects, and this certainly occurs in these workshops. Your workshops offer a much needed insight into how our bodies and minds are intimately connected and how our inner psychology affects our posture, movements and even our body shape.”
Dr Mike Anderson Chiropractor 011 453 8646

“I attended the Postural Integration Workshops run by Beverly Wilkinson during 2011. The work and learning I received on the 6 body types relating to the mental, emotional and physical bodies is a tremendous help as an integral coach. It supports and integrates with the way in which I work with my clients. I highly recommend that coaches attend these workshops to build a deeper understanding of how our bodies reflect the experiences and messages that a human being internalises from conception to six years of age.”
Bronwyn Allan Certified Integral Coach 011 447 6764

“Coaching is a somatic experience. I greatly recommend this exceptional experiential workshop facilitated by Bev, specially If you need to develop your somatic awareness and learn the needs of different body types.”
Alain Willem Talent Coach 011 788 6141

If you would like to know more about how this unique and powerful style of bodywork can transform you, or need individual sessions please contact: Beverley Wilkinson on
011 673 5217, or

Check out and
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