Tear-Sheet Toolkit, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 8th edition, Chapter 20. Sometimes you don’t want a whole book.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is an incredible resource for pregnant woman and mothers of newborns (note, I didn’t say new moms as it is a great resource for woman who have older children too). I would highly recommend all pregnant moms make their way to a local La Leche League meeting at least once before baby come along. If you do have the book, here is a great link so you don’t need to tear out pages and if you don’t, here is a taster on the incredible information shared in the book. Enjoy 🙂   Tear-Sheet Toolkit, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 8th edition, Chapter 20. Sometimes you don’t want a whole book. And sometimes you want to be able to tear something from a book! Here’s your chance. Each page in this section is complete on its own two sides, ready to be removed. You can put these sheets on your refrigerator or by your computer, or hand them to your family or day care provider— whatever you need.

The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique

So, you’ve spent your whole pregnancy preparing for an empowered and natural birth, either at home or at a birthing centre or even a hospital. You’ve been eating right, exercising, processing and visualising. You’ve prepared the most inspired birth vision and comprehensive birth plan. You’ve researched comfort measures, labour positions, placenta encapsulation and delayed cord clamping. You may have decided to cloth nappy and go the all natural route for everything (It’s Sh*t Crunchy Pregnant Mamas Say!) and now, the unthinkable, the unmentionable has happened and you NEED a caesarean. What happens now? Do you become disempowered? Do you surrender to the system? Do you get over it and be grateful you have a healthy baby? (Yes, of course at the end of the day we want our babies to be healthy, thats a given! I believe its also important to acknowledge the loss of an experience you have worked very hard to achieve and you have the right to grieve that loss – there are some great support groups just for that). Does a caesarean mean you no longer have control? Not if you have given it a little bit of thought beforehand *just* so you are prepared. Shine a little light on the dark shadow and it’s no longer that dark. Sure, you will need to surrender a certain amount of control and your individuality but you can still question procedures. It is still the birth of your baby and it is still an incredibly sacred time. You can have a caesarean and still remain in control and most importantly EMPOWERED. For more information or research to take to your care provider: An incredible YouTube presentation,

The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique

Mother-, baby-, and family- centered cesarean delivery: It is possible


The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique


A Family-Centered Cesarean: Taking Back Control of My Son’s Birth

http://www.improvingbirth.org/2013/04/a-family-centered-cesarean-taking-back-control-of-my-sons-birth/ Placenta Encapsulation http://www.organicbirth.co.za

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